Joining the conversation

I’m late to the party. And not even “socially late”  — really late, sneak-in-the-back-door late. But here I am.

This is my very first blog post. The number of newspaper, website and magazine articles I’ve written since college probably total in the thousands, but I’m a blogging neophyte who’s finally decided to embrace every possible form of social media.

Why now? Because there’s a massive conversation going on out there, an interesting, enriching conversation I’ll miss if I don’t show up at the party. Introvert that I am, I’ve been tempted to sit it out, thinking it will eventually lose its luster.

But the party’s just getting bigger, louder and more impossible to ignore. And I’ve decided I don’t want to ignore it after all. Write me a name tag and give me a noisemaker — I’m in.

I’m a wife, a writer and a mother who happens to work at home (everyone knows what WAHM means by now, don’t they?). And none of this is particularly remarkable. There are thousands, if not millions, of others like me whose multi-tasking skills have been honed to a science by folding laundry while researching a topic, or by phoning a source while stirring dinner.

Some days I question my sanity in deciding that this was the ideal. Other days — maybe most days — I feel it really is the ideal. It satisfies me to no end that I’m taking care of my family in all the ways I’ve always wanted to — in person, present and accounted for, and monetarily besides.

But still. There’s more to it than that. I’m running a one-person business, one where my kids may have to suck it up and wait for me once in awhile as I meet a deadline or take a call. It’s never that simple. In embracing both identities under the same roof, I have to embrace the imperfect nature of trying to. Repeat after me: I. Cannot. Do. It. All. Nobody can.

So this blog is joining the mighty conversation about writing, about freelancing, and about parenting while doing the other two. I can’t promise to be unique — heck, I can pretty much promise you I won’t be.

But I’m ready to come to the party, chat it up and make a few new friends. Maybe even dance once in awhile. Thanks for joining me.


About writearounditall

Welcome to Write Around It All. I’m Maureen Salamon, a freelance health & lifestyle writer who was a WAHM before WAHM was part of the vernacular. Four kids later, my days are a crazy cocktail of research, laundry, interviews, carpools, writing, errands and deadlines. I have it all, do it all and appreciate it all — most days. View all posts by writearounditall

2 responses to “Joining the conversation

  • amanda

    Hi Maureen — found you via Kelly James-Enger’s blog. (I also did a Q&A with her…love her writing style.) Welcome to Blogosphere! I’m 5 months new myself, but I guess in blog time that’s at least a few years. I’ve been reading through your posts, and am looking forward to seeing more.

    Best to you~

    • writearounditall

      Hi Amanda,

      Thanks for commenting. I’m still figuring out this whole blogging thing and I mainly need to learn how best to promote my site. Kelly’s guest post really helped — I had my highest traffic ever yesterday! I will definitely be reading your blog — I took a look and I love how visually interesting it is. Good luck!


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