Networking: A necessary nightmare

You can probably tell from the title of this post that I’m one of those writers who likes to stay holed up in my house having as few social interactions as possible. Is that as pathetic as it sounds? Didn’t the Unabomber do the same thing?

The stretches of quiet are necessary for the job, of course. And I am on the phone a great deal interviewing sources — does that count? But this work model leaves out a very important element of success — networking.

When the Great Recession of 2007 finally dried up my previous client base in 2009, I think I understood for the first time how damaging it was to avoid networking. After all, who you know is often much more important than what you know. And I knew diddly-squat. Almost.

Social media has filled some of the gap. I Facebook, I Twitter, I blog. I’m on LinkedIn and Plaxo. And I like that I can do all of this from my comfy chair. But none of that has the same impact as face-to-face interactions. Nothing beats that intangible energy between people who “click” and realize they can help each other.

I get that. So I’ve gone to a couple of meet-and-greets over the past year. And last week I stumbled over the Holy Grail of events tailored for writers like me: Word Nerd Networking.

Run by career coach Steph Auteri and social networking “thug” Marian Schembari, Word Nerd had me at hello. It’s appealing to all the other writers, editors, agents and publishing people who want to projectile vomit when they think of a networking event. And it promises, speed-dating style, to take that nasty feeling away.

In case you’re interested, it’s next Wednesday, Nov. 17, from 7 to 10 p.m. It’s also at a fun venue — Galway Hooker at 7 E. 36th St., NYC. For ticket info (it’s all of $5), visit

OK, that’s the end of my plug. But I’m going for selfish reasons. Even if I have to leave my house to do it.


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One response to “Networking: A necessary nightmare

  • Christine Negroni

    Actually I like networking. What I thought was so effective about this event, was the very focused subject matter and the narrow time-constraint. Just three minutes to share the most important things you can on how to succeed as a writer. Thanks for sharing your secrets, Maureen and thanks Step and Marian for the brilliant idea. So glad I could be a part of it.

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