When your editor goes MIA

Editors. Gotta love them, right?

I do, at least most of the time. I’m blessed to have some truly wonderful editors. The vast majority of those I work with are pleasant, professional and respectful. They don’t edit the crap out of my writing until it barely resembles what I originally wrote, and the changes they do make only make my work better.

And when I call or email them, they answer — prompt and ready to act. But I had to know that this streak would end somewhere. Certainly I’ve heard the horror stories from other writers whose editors ignored emails and phone calls, who made them wait weeks beyond anticipated assignments. Who treat them shoddily because they’re in a position of power.

Who go MIA, like one of mine has recently.

I was excited to get the attention of this particular editor a few months back. I really liked his publication and the pay was far better than average, so I smiled from ear to ear when he called me and said we could work out a regular schedule of assignments.

I dug into the first one with zeal, smartly targeting sources (I thought) and amassing reams of supporting info. I turned in my article error-free and on time.

And then . . . nothing. My story wasn’t on the site, but no one had contacted me with suggested edits. No one responded to my repeated inquiries. And the promised schedule of regular assignments never materialized.

What happened? This is one of those times I think it’s accurate to say, “It’s not me — it’s him.” Other freelancers I know who’ve written for the guy tell me they’ve gotten the same treatment, and I’m not special. Hmmph.

So I wait, and wait some more. I don’t want to give up on keeping this pub as a client, but I surely can’t count on it as a steady source of income. And because I’m lucky enough to never have experienced this, I don’t really know what to do next.

Any suggestions? Clearly I’m not alone. Tell me some of your experiences with MIA editors and how you lured them out of their foxholes.


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