Welcome to Write Around It All. I’m Maureen Salamon, a freelance health & lifestyle writer who was a WAHM before WAHM was part of the vernacular. Four kids later, my days are a crazy cocktail of  research, laundry, interviews, carpools, writing, errands and deadlines. I have it all, do it all and appreciate it all — most days.


6 responses to “About

  • Another Lisa

    From one WAHM to another: Welcome to the blogosphere. I look forward to keeping up with your adventures.

  • writearounditall

    Thanks, Lisa! I appreciate the support.

  • Stephen Will

    Dar Ms. Salamon:

    I’m writing because I’ve read some of your wonderful articles and thought you might be interested in speaking with Jim Champy or Dr. Harry Greenspun, who just released a new book REENGINEERING HEALTH CARE, in which they show how technology can be harnessed and the system can be made more efficient so that better care can be provided to more people at lower costs.

    I’d love to send you the book or more information, as I think based on the articles I’ve read, you would have a great conversation with either Jim or Harry.

    All best,

  • theminimalistmom

    Hi Maureen,
    Just got here via Meagan Francis (Happiest Mom). How timely a find – I am currently trying to build a freelancing career as a WAHM. WAHM with two glorious daycare days =)
    Excited to read more of your work and freelancing advice.

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